What is mentoring?

An online 100% program

Group classes will be broadcasted live on zoom, all classes will be recorded and then made available in an exclusive group of Whatsapp so you can refer to them whenever and wherever you want.

No loneliness

Once mentored, you will no longer be alone! Me and the women in the group will be your support network to answer questions and share achievements and challenges along this path. You will have personalized monitoring throughout the process.

A female 100% class

This mentoring takes into account the specific needs of the Pfemale luriverse so that we create strategies connected with the context of each woman.

Objectivity and focus on results

There will be 8 meetings, one every 15 days, lasting 2 hours, totaling 4 months of mentoring. All the strategy will be structured so that you achieve personal and professional success and dare to be the leader of yourself, conquering the life you want.

Who is Taty Nascimento?

Specialist in Humanizing Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, she has been teaching strategies for people who want to succeed professionally without giving up their dreams for 15 years.

Passionate about business with Purpose, she has consistently contributed to women finding their place in the market and becoming leaders of themselves.

What will you learn in mentoring?

Purpose of life

If you don't know where to go, you will agree to go anywhere. The first stage of mentoring will give you a direction.


Developing the ability to say NO to anything that steals your time and energy will greatly increase your productivity.

Humanizing leadership

To lead is to inspire. Developing your leadership skills will enable you to better sell your ideas and generate transformative connections.

Business strategy

Having your Business Position aligned with your Life Purpose will make you stand out in the market.

Planning and organization

To get your dreams off the ground and financially successful, you need a consistent plan, organization and resilience. 

Success rituals

Learning practical tools to keep your energy level high in the face of so many demands, will make you a woman more connected with your inner power.