I'm overworked. What to do?

If your routine has been “putting out fires”, this article is for you!

I don't have a crystal ball, but I know exactly how you are feeling right now, simply because so many people in leadership positions have the same feeling.
All the work that was done before by you with just two arms, now seems impossible. You overestimated your capacity and now you are overloaded, your schedule is always full of commitments and tasks almost always carried out without any depth.
Perhaps you are the person who has to solve everything and chose to do everything yourself, imagining that you would not overburden yourself further. You were mistaken!

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5 tips for not taking work home

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Have you ever had the impression that you take a lot of work home and miss precious moments with your family because of that? The good news is that you are not alone in this. According to a 2016 survey by Intel and Dell, Brazilians are the ones who most take work home. About 53% of the interviewees stated that they perform professional tasks at home.

According to personal development experts Antonio Prates and Taty Nascimento, creators of the channel Life With Method, what leads people to get into this situation is the lack of planning. “When we don't have a plan, we end up endlessly looking for solutions to professional problems. As we didn’t succeed, we got these problems in the head ”, explains Taty. “This prevents us from focusing on the present moment,” he points out.

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Productive teams

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While many companies manage to increase the productivity of the team, others experience difficulties responsible for generating frustration in employees and unmet goals. Given this scenario, how to be a manager capable of putting the team in the first status, allowing everyone's happiness? Find out in this matter!

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